Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues 0 0

Suggestions for figuring out why a webpage won't load or buttons aren't available

If you are experiencing connectivity issues, you could be seeing the following:

  • Login issues
  • Pages not loading or loading very slowly
  • Unsaved changes 
  • Buttons not clicking or are grayed out
  • Getting browser-related error messages (e.g. 504, request entity too large, bad request gateway, page cannot display, etc.) when following your regular procedures.

Here's a list of quick troubleshooting fixes that you can try yourself:

Browser Compatibility

Make sure you are using a compatible browser. You can check your browser’s version, and then update it if you are using an out of date version.

Computer System Updates

Try Another Browser

As a temporary troubleshooting step, try using Constant Contact in a different compatible browser. Install another browser if you need one. If it works in the new browser, that will confirm that the issue is in your primary browser, and it is likely that you have an add-on or extension that needs to be disabled. Try disabling any active add-ons or extensions to see if the issues in your primary browser stop. You can also try using your browser in a Safe or Incognito Mode.


Clear Your Browser's Cache

If it doesn't work in either browser or after disabling add-ons or extensions, try clearing your browser's cache. Your browser's cache temporarily stores images, scripts, and other parts of websites while you are browsing in order to load pages faster. Often this cache will load old or outdated information, so clearing it occasionally can help websites run smoother and also frees up space on your computer's hard drive if it's running low.

** The time is base on UTC timezone